Atlanta Cricket Fields Overview

Atlanta Cricket Fields consists of many features that are very unique in Metro Atlanta area and provide an environment and infrastructure to develop game of cricket. Some of the salient features include;


  •  *  7 large circular cricket grounds
  •  *  Main Ground with a diameter of 530
    • ​     feet built with ICC standards
    •  *  6 Grounds with a diameter of 360      feet able to accommodate various        cricket leagues
    •   *  Pavillions with seating facility and on-      site restrooms for each ground
    •   *  State-of-the-art rain sensing irrigation       system
    •   *  Year round green grass with a
    •       combination of fescue and bermuda
    •   *  Cricket pitch constructed with red-soil
    •       that would provide superior playing 
    •       field 
    •   *  Built in drainage system for quick
    •       turnaround of the field for next game

Atlanta Cricket Fields is located at 5325 Keith Bridge Rd, Cumming GA 30041, a 58 acre private sports and recreational facility exclusively designed to support and develop game of cricket in Metro Atlanta and neighboring Southern States Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Carolinas. Our goal is to develop ACF as one stop shop for all cultural, social, recreational, and family events building ever lasting memories and relationships.


Atlanta Cricket Fields have capacity of over 40,000 hours of playable time on annual basis making it as the largest cricket facility in USA dedicated for the game of cricket. In addition to Cricket, the facility will also support other games such as Lacrosse, Soccer, Volleball and other outdoor events.


The fields are available to lease on first come first basis based on availability of the grounds accommodating recreational leagues who have playing schedules throughout the year. In addition to sporting events, the fields will also be leased for other events such as


  *  Major League Tournaments

  *  Recreational League Tournaments

  *  Annual Cultural Tournaments

  *  Fund Raising / Charity Events such as Walkathon, 5K, 10K etc

  *  Outdoor Birthday, Family, Graduation, and Reunion Events

  *  Food Festivals 

  *  Annual Recitals (indoor and/or outdoors)

  *  Outdoor Dinner Events 


No matter what your event is, we have an environment and facility that is just perfect to raise for your occassion. Talk to one of our associates and we will be glad to help;

Key Facts

Rates & Pricing

Atlanta Cricket Fields offers reservation of the fields for single use booking as well as multi-usage during the season depending on availability;


Single Usage Booking (minimum two hours)

 *  Monday - Friday - $60/Hr
 *  Saturday - Sunday - $90/Hr


Repetitive Usage Booking

 *  Monday - Friday - $60/hr.

 *  Saturday/Sunday - $75/hr.


Long Weekend Booking 

 * Please contact for further details



 * Coming Soon

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